It all started way back in 1975....

I was born in Illinois, but before those pesty pubescent years arose, I moved to Wisconsin and became a bona-fide cheesehead.  So, yes I'm a
Packers fan--with or without Brett Favre. (Preferably with.) Along with my love of football, I also love the ballet and the theatre.

My friends who are more like my family are still in the Midwest and I miss them everyday, but they are always close in my heart. Here's a photo album of our friends.

There's also my
grandparents whom I also miss very much, but know that they are looking down on me keeping me safe, being proud of who I am and smiling unto me.

You'll also find a page of my one true love, Richard. Now is the time for the "longer" version of how Richard and I met. We kept in touch on and off throughout the years, but due to life's happenings it wasn't consistent. In August of 2004, on a whim, Lisa contacted Richard via phone (thankfully I keep my email FOREVER) and waited to see if he'd call back.  He did! He asked if I'd want to come out to California. Heck yeah! So in October, I came out for three days and it was love at first sight!
 I made return trips in December, April (twice) 2005 and then we decided that 2000+ miles is no way to have a relationship. Something had to give. It was decided that I would move to California. In June 2005, I bidded adieu to my classroom, students and most importantly my friends (more like my family) at
school and throughout the Midwest. Richard flew out to meet me in July and we drove down old Route 66, with many stops and adventures along the way.

Hope you enjoyed your visit!